Why you need to circulate natural air throughout your home all year round.

Cools your home efficiently in minutes during hot summer months
Improves air quality removing odours all year round
Extracts stale air in winter months
Reduces thermal mass of your home which may replace air conditioning or reduce its cost.
Creates a healthier home
Whisper quiet fan avoids household disruption

Solatube Whole House fan pulls cool, fresh outdoor air into living spaces through your windows, and pushes hot stale indoor air through your roof cavity and out the vents.

So you don’t just recirculate air in your home (as with air-conditioning) Your replace it with fresh air in your home and roof cavity. Continuously.

Cooler and fresher all day in summer.

Summer months trap hot air throughout the whole home, Solatube Whole House Fan, not only cools the air in your home, but also the structure and contents as well.

Helping cool the home and roof cavity by up to 30oC, and sometimes more, allowing them to stay much cooler the following day (the principal of Thermal Mass Cooling). So overall costs to keep the home cool are dramatically reduced, especially as compared to air-conditioning.

Cleaner and healthier air in minutes during winter.

During the cooler months, air gets trapped in the home, odour build ups, leaving stale unhealthy air indoors. Solatube’s Whole House Fan can quickly remove stale air and replace it with fresh, clean air. (this happens so quickly it won’t even make your house cold). Healthier indoors during cooler months.

Built to last. Built to blast.

Brushless Motor: for long-lasting strength and energy-efficient operation
Powder Coated Metal Fan Blade: for durability and rust-proof operation
5-Blade Fan: for smoother airflow
Insulated Ducting: for quiet cooling
Unique damper box design maximizes airflow
No visible vent fasteners gives a clean and modern look
Easily removable & dishwasher-safe intake grill for quick and easy cleaning
Innovative HushMount™ technology for near-silent operation