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There are many skylight installation options and features to choose from. Windows allow access to view the sky and are designed more as a feature.

With tubular daylighting devices its all about the ability to spread the natural light evenly.
The best source of natural light is from the sun. From warm (sunrise) daylight to warm (sunset), natural light is the healthier alternative. Capturing more of the suns natural light will give your home a more relaxed feel and provide a better colour of light during the day. Adding daylight to your home through a skylight installation also comes with a range of benefits for your home and its occupants.

Our qualified staff will ensure your skylight installation runs smoothly

Trained Team

Peace of mind is what a Solatube trained Certified Installation Consultant can offer you. Our team has undergone an intense Solatube installation certification program, provided by Solatube Australia Pty Ltd. This training course has been put together through the joint knowledge of Australia’s largest skylight network and is focused on delivering a professional skylight installation and courteous service which is second to none in the industry. Our Certified skylight installation Sydney consultants will give you peace of mind your installation is sound.

Our Guarantee

Our certified installers carry full indemnity insurance and provide guarantees for the work they carry out. They are not qualified electricians, however, under current legislation they are not permitted to carry out electrical wiring.
When you purchase any service or product from Solatube it comes with the quality guarantee of the brand. Our whole team is dedicated to providing you with the best service from your first call to the skylight installation and long after the work is complete.


Highest performance guarantee is what is provided when you select a Solatube product and service. Solatube has been delivering quality natural daylight solutions for over 30 years. Our Certified skylight installation Sydney consultants offer superior service and results.

Time Frame

The installation process takes approx 2 hours for a standard install. Our professional Certified skylight installation Sydney consultants will ensure that your home will be returned to the same condition that it was found in when they arrived.

How can a Tubular daylighting device improve your home environment?

  • Improved moods and health from natural lighting source - The sun
  • Bright and beautiful natural light, enhances the homes appeal
  • Reduce the impact of artificial lighting costs - Saves money in the long term

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