Skylights - Solar, Tubular and Roof Installations

With extremely reflective tubing and high levels of technology, these products are able to disperse more natural light across the room than other much larger systems, with substantial less heat gain.

While tubes are the most effective way to bring large amounts of light into the home, round and square finishing options at ceiling level, can still be matched to complement your décor and style.

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Advantages of Tubular Daylighting systems

  • The Brighten Up series (160DS and 290DS) outperform others, with Raybender 3000 technology, light tracking reflector and 99.7% reflective tube material, provides up to double the light output at low angle sunlight (just when you need it the most, during winter).
  • Excessive layers of glazing or lenses can reduce winter light output, instead, Brighten Up series exclusively uses INFRAREDuction technology (patented) which draws heat away from the product before it enters your home.

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Filters out harmful UV that causes fading but encourages plant growth. Only 99.7% reflective tubing will deliver the brightest, purest natural daylight into your home so you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • A well-lit home will create a safer environment for the whole family
  • See true colours of clothing, makeup, pictures or anything you want to look its best
  • Long term investment, not only will electric lighting be reduced but a will-lit home will increase its sale value
  • Are you “SAD”? Reduce “Seasonal Affect Disorder” for a happier family in winter

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Introducing INFRAREDuction technology, utilising a proprietary process to extract infrared wavelengths on the first light bounce before they can be transferred through the tube, dispersing heat before it ever enters the building. Industry-leading daylighting technology delivers unparalleled transfer of natural light, with minimum heat gain. So it’s perfect for hot climates, where it reduces cooling loads on airconditioning systems.

Custom made or designed

Custom Made

Custom double glazed skylights give you the flexibility to design a feature that suits your space.  The clean internal finish means only the sky is visible with no exposed framework, creating a look in keeping with modern design

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Custom Designed

Using a slimline aluminium frame powder coated to any nominated colour large areas can be glazed with a clean finish, creating a feature for any space.  These roof lights are custom designed and manufactured with each client’s needs in mind.


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Brighten any dark room with Solatube

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