Why Roof Ventilation

More airflow

Advanced solar panel technology generates maximum power through a large 320 diameter fan.
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Tailored roof tile

Seamless one piece flashing guarantees a leak-proof and durable product. Customised to your roof.
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High-performance motor is reliable, long lasting and whisper quiet. Installed in under 1 hour by a Solatube Certified Installation consultant.
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Best warranty

5 Year. Brush-less motor (so it won’t wear out). No Parts excluded.
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Defeat the heat and reduce moisture

The installation of a roof ventilation system is important for any house, to make your home more energy efficient. A hot roof space transfers heat into your living spaces, which means increased temperatures and costly electricity bills. Moisture derived from high humidity levels in the home causes damage to your roof structure. Moisture can also saturate insulation, promote fungal decay and plywood delamination. With the new energy-efficient building programs being introduced by the government and the Building Code of Australia, all consideration should be given to meet new standards and to make your home more comfortable as well as reducing energy costs.

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Why Room ventilation is important:

  • Reduces heat built up
  • Removes steam and vapour from wet areas
  • Protects insulation from moisture saturation
  • Recommended for rooms where security prevents the use of windows
  • Fights mould and fungal decay
  • Helps to eliminate bathroom and kitchen odours that can linger in the home
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Quiet Operation
  • Reduces air conditioning costs
  • Cyclone Safe
  • Reduced moisture helps to control allergens and asthma causing dust mites
  • Unique, non metal construction
  • Brighten any dark room with Solatube

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