Solar Roof Ventilation Sydney

The Australian Climate is Variable

Summers have extended periods of high temperatures, and in some areas we see prolonged periods of continual wet weather. From these conditions it puts pressure on the home to cope with hot and damp extremes. The answer is to drive heat and moisture out of your home throughout the year, Solatube Star Solar Roof Ventilation provides a cost effective solution.
The Australian Climate is Variable

More airflow

Advanced solar panel technology generates maximum power through a large 320 diameter fan.

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Tailored roof tile

Seamless one piece flashing guarantees a leak-proof and durable product. Customised to your roof.

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High performing

High-performance motor is reliable, long lasting and whisper quiet. Installed in under 1 hour by a Solatube Certified Installation consultant.
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Best warranty

5 Year. Brush-less motor (so it won’t wear out). No Parts excluded. The best warranty for roof ventilation Sydney locals can have.
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Solar Star® by Solatube®

The Solar Star solar roof ventilation is an incredibly straightforward piece of equipment to install – usually in less than an hour – and you don’t have to worry about electrical hook-ups, installation fees or other costs eating into the savings you thought you were getting. You get to sit back, enjoy worry-free operation all year round, and never again have to wonder if roof space heat is literally siphoning money out of your bank account. We guarantee you’ll love the return on your investment when you install a solar roof ventilation system to cool your roof space – not only will your home stay cooler and drier throughout the year, but it will also reduce the strain on your HVAC unit. 

The Solar Star Roof Ventilation system is also backed by a 5-year warranty on the solar panel and a full 10-year warranty on the motor and all other parts. 

 Eco-Friendly Solar Roof Ventilation

The Solar Star is a solar roof ventilation system operated by the power of the sun. This makes it a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to your roof ventilation problems. This eco-friendly solar roof ventilation system operates a high-efficiency fan unit that is powered by the solar panels, offering you all the advantages of a powerful roof fan without the additional operating costs. With Solar Star roof ventilation Sydney residents can rest assured they have chosen the most efficient and eco-friendly option for their home.
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