Selecting a skylight design to suit your Sydney home

Natural light is essential for health and wellbeing. Uncover the benefits of tubular daylighting.

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Bring pure natural daylight into your home

Saving costs on artificial light is becoming an increasing household budget concern. How can I reduce the impact and create a healthier environment for my home. Solatube Home has the natural lighting solution to help assist with consultation, installation and repairs and maintenance.

Talk to the lighting experts today, to find the best solution for your home.

Enjoy the benefits of Australia's truest colour rendition

The Brighten up series filters out harmful UV that causes fading but delivers UV that encourages plant growth. With 99.7% reflective tubing delivering the Brightest, most purest natural daylight into your home.

Superior Energy efficiency and Energy compliance

The Brighten up series is the only Australian owned product to be awarded the prestigious Energy star.

Solatube Certified Installation Consultants

Peace of mind is what a Solatube trained Certified Installation consultant will give you. Knowing that they are dedicated to a Sydney region to provide the highest level of customer service and delivery.

Brighter rooms throughout the whole house, natural light, what could be better for you. Work, think, feel better naturally.
Natural light provides an easy way to enhance your home, we also have various lighting fixtures and accessories to further enhance your interiors. From practical, elegant and dazzling Decorative Lighting Fixture to suit your home's style and aesthetics.
Accessories to control light, ventilate, or dim the practical solutions for your home.

Light Add-on Kit
Works with any ordinary bulb for night-time use.

Ventilation Add-on Kit
Combines with the Solatube 160 DS to drive out humidity in a single elegant design.

Daylight Dimmer
Easily controls the amount of daylighting entering a room with the convenience of a switch.

Flashings for all roof types. Ensuring leak proof performance.