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Take a look at how we brought natural light into our clients' homes

June 16, 2021
Case Study: Natural lighting for an Early Era Home

In this case study, we meet Annette and Guy whose hospitality was as warm and inviting as their beautiful, early era home. A generational family home bought in the 1950s for only 2000 pounds! This single-story Fibro majestic home has been a well looked after member of the family over the years but alas… poorly […]

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May 7, 2021
Case Study: Sydney Skylight Replacement and 290DS Installations

Joe and Belinda, residents in Sydney, called the Solatube Home team about replacing their flexible tubing skylights with our best quality guaranteed daylighting products. The couple had lived in their beautiful home for many years and renovated quite a bit, which included extending the house and patio. Unfortunately, this extension robbed their home’s interior of […]

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April 29, 2021
Case Study: 290DS Skylight and Nightlight Installation

The lovely Louise first contacted Solatube back in January this year with an idea she had for her newly purchased family home. Being a young Mum of three children under five years old, she was run off her feet already without the additional task of having to switch the lights on and off in the […]

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March 31, 2021
Case Study: Installation of 160DS Skylights in Sydney Kitchen

A client from Wollongong recently called our friendly sales team at Solatube Home as they had a beautiful, vibrant home but felt that that the kitchen was a bit dark, which was damping the brilliant colour scheme and design. The client explained to the sales team what they were interested in and we booked them […]

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March 2, 2021
Case Study: Installation of Solar Star Ventilation Systems & Two 290DS Skylights Sydney

Our new client Chris, a resident from Saint Ives in Sydney, gave the friendly team at Solatube Home a call to discuss adding ventilation and natural daylight to his home. The call was answered by our Sales Team Leader, Sandy. Sandy took Chris through some options over the phone and booked him an in-home consultation […]

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January 22, 2021
Case Study: Dark Kitchen Requiring a Skylight Installation in Sydney

Our client called our friendly customer service team enquiring about skylight installation in Sydney for their kitchen which - although beautifully designed - was shrouded in darkness due to a lack of access to natural light. We quickly organised a time for an in-home consultation with one of Solatube Home’s Certified Installation Consultants. Our customer […]

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Natural light is essential for health and wellbeing. Uncover the benefits of tubular daylighting.

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Bring pure natural daylight into your home

Saving costs on artificial light is becoming an increasing household budget concern. How can I reduce the impact and create a healthier environment for my home. Solatube Home has the natural lighting solution to help assist with consultation, installation and repairs and maintenance.

Talk to the lighting experts today, to find the best solution for your home.

Enjoy the benefits of Australia's truest colour rendition

The Brighten up series filters out harmful UV that causes fading but delivers UV that encourages plant growth. With 99.7% reflective tubing delivering the Brightest, most purest natural daylight into your home.

Superior Energy efficiency and Energy compliance

The Brighten up series is the only Australian owned product to be awarded the prestigious Energy star.

Solatube Certified Installation Consultants

Peace of mind is what a Solatube trained Certified Installation consultant will give you. Knowing that they are dedicated to a Sydney region to provide the highest level of customer service and delivery.

Brighter rooms throughout the whole house, natural light, what could be better for you. Work, think, feel better naturally.

Natural light provides an easy way to enhance your home, we also have various lighting fixtures and accessories to further enhance your interiors. From practical, elegant and dazzling Decorative Lighting Fixture to suit your home's style and aesthetics.


Available in square or round. 160 DS & 290 DS


Available in square or round. 160 DS or 290 DS


160 DS & 290 DS

Classic Vusion™

160 DS & 290 DS


Available in bronze or white 290 DS

Accessories to control light, ventilate, or dim the practical solutions for your home.

Light Add-on Kit

Works with any ordinary bulb for night-time use.

Ventilation Add-on Kit

Combines with the Solatube 160 DS to drive out humidity in a single elegant design.

Daylight Dimmer

Easily controls the amount of daylighting entering a room with the convenience of a switch.

Flashings for all roof types. Ensuring leak proof performance.

Brighten any dark room with Solatube Home.
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