Case Study: 290DS Skylight and Nightlight Installation

The lovely Louise first contacted Solatube back in January this year with an idea she had for her newly purchased family home. Being a young Mum of three children under five years old, she was run off her feet already without the additional task of having to switch the lights on and off in the Kitchen and Dining room during the day. 

Louise did an online search for skylights for her home and Solatube Home came up at the top of the search results. Seeing our name piqued Louise’s interest as she’d had similar (older) products already installed in the bathroom and hallway, but our new products looked a lot sleeker and brighter. With a background in interior design, our products definitely appealed to her!

Louise gave our friendly skylights Sydney team a call and was greeted by Sandy, our Sales Team Leader. Sandy ran her through the products, finding Louise was especially interested in the Solar NightLight System for her young children and herself, as this would mean not needing to switch electric lights in the middle of the night waking everyone up. She also told Sandy that the reason her Kitchen and Dining room were so dark was due to the adjacent patio. The patio was a great use of space for energetic children but blocked out the daylight that would otherwise have come through the windows, which was not energy efficient for the environment or her budget.

Louise really did her research and enjoyed reading our case studies on the website which gave her further information on products and customer experiences. After a few phone calls back and forth, Louise decided to go ahead with the installation as a birthday present for herself and her family. Sandy had the pleasure of meeting Louise and her daughter and walking her through the showroom and our products on display.

Square JustFrost™

They discussed the sizes and what would be the most effective for her space and aesthetic. Louise particularly liked the Square 290DS skylights with the JustFrost™ diffuser. Solatube’s 290DS units provide a Light Coverage Area of 23-28 m2 and are ideal for daylighting medium to large-sized rooms. These were to be placed above the Kitchen Island and the Dining Table. With the products selected, all that was left to do was book the skylight installation date!

Sandy was very thankful to Louise for inviting her into her home to document the installation process and watch what a huge impact the Square Tubular Skylights had in her gorgeous home. Jayden, our Certified Installation Consultant, consulted with Louise on the placement and ran through what was possible, thoroughly checking all possibilities in the roof cavity and ceiling. 

Once Jayden finished the first install and took the protective coating off the highly reflective Spectralight® Infinity tubing, Jayden and the Dining room were instantly illuminated, bringing the outside in. It was quite the reveal and all parties were quite struck with the impact the new installation had made.

Sandy joined them on the day just as the inside ceiling was to be installed. Check out these great snapshots she took!

You can see from the pictures how incredibly different the whole feel of the room became, and you certainly can’t beat natural colour rendition and the quality of natural sunlight. Once the Kitchen was also installed there was absolutely no need for the electric lights to be on during the day again! 

Thank you to Louise for her careful and thoughtful consideration in choosing Solatube Home. We are grateful for the opportunity to illuminate your days and Moonglow your nights! - Sandy @ Solatube Home

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