Case Study: Sydney Skylight Replacement and 290DS Installations

Joe and Belinda, residents in Sydney, called the Solatube Home team about replacing their flexible tubing skylights with our best quality guaranteed daylighting products.

The couple had lived in their beautiful home for many years and renovated quite a bit, which included extending the house and patio. Unfortunately, this extension robbed their home’s interior of too much light that their older daylighting products couldn’t make up for it. This is where Solatube’s superior daylighting products could assist!

Our friendly skylights Sydney sales team booked Joe and Belinda in for an in-home consultation. On the day of the appointment, Hayden one of our Certified Installation Consultants visited the couple’s property to provide a quote and install. 

Upon inspection, Hayden found that this job would require more work than a standard install. So, Joe and Belinda decided they wanted to start by replacing the existing tubular skylight in the kitchen.

Hayden organised a licenced trade contractor to replace Joe and Belinda’s ceiling before we completed any installations, as our 290DS skylight was a smaller (but more powerful!) product that would provide a much sleeker look to their space than their old unit.

After the ceiling replacement was completed, a Certified Solatube installer was then organised to go out and re-baton and re-tile the roof and install the 290DS skylight in the kitchen. Joe and Belinda were absolutely delighted with the new skylight in their kitchen! They were so pleased that they immediately booked in for another replacement, and decided to have another new skylight installation in their bathroom THAT SAME DAY.


Later, Joe and Belinda decided to go ahead and replace the other existing lights in the bathroom and Laundry as they were now looking at the superior quality of Solatube’s Brighten Up series and absolutely couldn’t bear to not have that quality throughout their home anymore.

Sandy, our Sales Team Leader, had wonderful conversations with the couple throughout the process and asked to come out for the last install to see the transformation in their home. They agreed and Sandy had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing how beautifully the installations changed the whole look of the rooms. Just take a look at these transformations!

Joe also showed off Belinda’s amazing collection of Swarovski Crystals which were absolutely beautiful and the natural light now entering their home really make them sparkle!

As we were replacing older installs of different sizes, we once again needed to enlist the help of the plasterer to finish off the final installation. This entire process was completed in a matter of days and Joe and Belinda are absolutely delighted with how our Brighten Up series has transformed their home, changing their space for decades to come.

If you are interested in skylight Sydney prices or want to know more about how we can brighten your home, contact our team today and we can guide you through the process.

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