Case Study: Installation of Solar Star Ventilation Systems & Two 290DS Skylights Sydney

Our new client Chris, a resident from Saint Ives in Sydney, gave the friendly team at Solatube Home a call to discuss adding ventilation and natural daylight to his home. The call was answered by our Sales Team Leader, Sandy. Sandy took Chris through some options over the phone and booked him an in-home consultation and installation appointment with his local Solatube Skylights Sydney dealer. 

Chris was sent all relevant information by email and notified of the consultant’s arrival time. Jesse, one of Solatube Home’s Daylighting Installation Experts, arrived promptly at Chris’s home on the day of the appointment.

Jesse went about conducting the in-home consultation, which included identifying problem areas and potential for installations. He also asked Chris if there were any areas of concern, to which he pointed out the dark kitchen and lounge room. Despite having artificial lighting sources these areas were still shrouded in shadows where the artificial lights didn’t reach.

Jesse presented his findings to Chris and gave him product options and recommendations available from Solatube’s range. He also provided a cost estimate and informed Chris that he could perform same-day installation if he wished. Chris approved the works and Jesse got straight to work. 

For this installation, Chris approved the installation of two 290DS tubular skylights from Solatube’s Brighten Up series to add illumination to their dark kitchen and lounge areas, as well as the installation of two Solar Star Ventilation systems to cool the roof cavity of their home. 

Jesse installed a 290DS skylight with a square fixture and solar dimmer in the lounge and a 290DS skylight with a square fixture and a 90-degree bend into the kitchen. These skylights have a Light Coverage Area of  23-28 m2 and are ideal for adding daylight in medium to large sized rooms such as kitchens and lounge rooms.

After installing the skylights, he also installed the two Solar Star RM 1200 roof ventilation systems with thermal switches. These systems would help to drive heat and moisture out of Chris’s roof cavity, keeping his home cool and dry all year round. Jesse checked over his work and made final touches before leaving Chris and his family to enjoy the new installations.

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Chris was so please with the installations and service provided by Solatube Home that he left us a glowing 5-star review on Google. See below! You can also read Chris’s review HERE

From the ‘how can we brighten your day’ greeting by Sandy to, Jesse turning up and doing a great job of installing 2x solar ventilation systems in the roof and 2x solar tube skylights for our house..the combined customer service experience by both Sandy (sales) and Jesse (technician) was fantastic. Jesse’s attention to detail and pride in his work (even running off to buy paint to touch up a scratch on the roof before he was satisfied his work was done for the day) is rare and well respected. Thanks have indeed brightened our day.’ - Chris C

If you are interested in how we can ventilate or brighten your home with Skylights in Sydney, give the friendly team at Solatube a call on 13 16 19 or visit our website.

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