Case Study: Installation of 160DS Skylights in Sydney Kitchen

A client from Wollongong recently called our friendly sales team at Solatube Home as they had a beautiful, vibrant home but felt that that the kitchen was a bit dark, which was damping the brilliant colour scheme and design.

The client explained to the sales team what they were interested in and we booked them for an in-home consultation and installation appointment with one of our Certified Installation Consultants. The client was informed that they would be emailed any relevant information and notified of the Consultant’s arrival time.

Skylight Installation in Wollongong

Simon (one of Solatube Home’s Certified Installation Consultants) arrived at the client’s home on the day of the appointment and gave the client an explanation of the consultation process. This was to include assessing dark areas of the home - in particular the kitchen which the client had specified as a problem area - a roof inspection, Solatube product recommendations and a visual guide to show the recommended options for any areas of concern. 

Simon presented the findings to the client and gave them recommendations for products that would brighten their dark kitchen area. With same-day installation available, the client approved works immediately and Simon got to work!

To brighten this vibrant kitchen the client opted for the installation of two 160DS  tubular skylights from Solatube’s Brighten Up series. 160DS skylights provide a light coverage area of 14-19 m2 and are ideal for daylighting small to medium-sized rooms such as kitchenettes.

Skylight Installation in Wollongong

The client chose frosted, round-shaped decorative ceiling fixtures to suit the existing pendant lights that were hanging just beside the new skylights. The frosted ceiling fixtures diffuse the light beautifully into the corner kitchen, illuminating the area and enhancing the brilliant mint colour scheme.

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