Case Study: Natural lighting for an Early Era Home

In this case study, we meet Annette and Guy whose hospitality was as warm and inviting as their beautiful, early era home. A generational family home bought in the 1950s for only 2000 pounds! This single-story Fibro majestic home has been a well looked after member of the family over the years but alas… poorly designed for natural light.

Annette and Guy stumbled upon the Solatube Natural lighting solutions about 7 years ago and had our 160DS installed in their Kitchen and Dining rooms. They were already converts and had sent through an online enquiry to look at installing more Solatube products into their Bathroom and Study through their Terracotta tile roof.

Sandy, our Sales Team Leader, fielded the enquiry and spoke to Annette and Guy over the phone. They were both so enthusiastic over the phone that Sandy knew she just had to meet these wonderful environmentally conscious Solatube fans in person! Sandy booked the two in for an in-home consultation and planned to also arrive on the day to meet the clients and observe the consultation and installation process.

On the day of the appointment, Tim, our CIC (Certified Installation Consultant) called the clients to notify them of his arrival time. Upon his arrival, he guided the two through the consultation process and began an inspection of the areas where they hoped to introduce natural light into their home. Sandy arrived shortly after he had gone through all the options on placement with Annette and Guy. 

From the inspection, Tim concluded that the beams inside the roof cavity were quite limiting inside this older style home, so much care and consideration was taken into account to maximise the light and colour rendition for their new installations. Tim wrote up a quote for the installation of two Solatube 160DS skylights, one in the Bathroom and one in the Study. As the spaces in this early era home were reasonably cozy the 160DS skylight would provide adequate natural lighting as they are ideal for lighting small to medium sized rooms. The clients approved and Tim got straight to work on the install.

Annette and Guy were super excited about their new skylight installation, Sandy secretly wondered if they should join our sales team! As you can see from the amazing before and after shots there was no mistaking the wonderful home improvement our Solatube 160DS skylights brought to their home. Sandy and the clients were completely blown away by the transformation and at how the bathroom’s colour rendition was completely enriched!

After the big reveal, it was time to give a little aftercare to the previous Solatube installs. Tim checked everything on the older installations thoroughly giving the consensus that they were still in an absolutely perfect condition and performing just as well as their new 160DS counterparts.

Thank you for your absolutely brilliant, warm hospitality Annette and Guy. It was a pleasure assisting you with your new installations and we love knowing that your enthusiasm for natural light, plus health and vitality is being rewarded every day!

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