Case Study: Dark Kitchen Requiring a Skylight Installation in Sydney

Our client called our friendly customer service team enquiring about skylight installation in Sydney for their kitchen which - although beautifully designed - was shrouded in darkness due to a lack of access to natural light. We quickly organised a time for an in-home consultation with one of Solatube Home’s Certified Installation Consultants. Our customer service team member explained that they would email any relevant information and notified the client of the set arrival time.

On the day of the consultation appointment, Hayden (one of our wonderful Certified Installation Consultants) arrived at the client’s home and explained the consultation process, which included assessing dark areas of the home, a roof inspection, product recommendations and a visual guide to explain the recommended options for the areas of concern. The client agreed and Hayden went about inspecting the home and dark kitchen area.

Hayden presented his findings with the client and shared all available options and recommended products available from Solatube home. He also provided a price estimate and informed the client that he could perform a same-day install if they wanted. The client approved the works and Hayden got straight to work. For this installation, the client had approved the installation of two 290DS skylights from Solatube’s Brighten Up series to illuminate their dark kitchen area. 

Solatube’s 290DS skylights feature Raybender 3000 technology, light tracking reflectors and a tubing material that is 99.7% reflective, providing up to twice the light output at low angle sunlight compared to competitors products.

The standard skylight installation process takes approximately two hours meaning Hayden would not be taking a lot of time out of the client’s day. Our Certified skylight installation Sydney consultants are professional, experienced and will ensure that your home will be returned to the same condition before they arrived (besides the brand new skylight installations!).

After the installation of the two 290DS skylights, Hayden cleaned up and ensure the client had a full understanding of their skylights, how they work, and who to call if skylight repairs or maintenance are required. 

Thanks to Solatube Home’s end-to-end consultative approach, we are with you every step of the way. Our after sales service team are experts in advice, maintenance and repairs of all skylight systems.

The client’s kitchen was now beautifully illuminated with natural daylight! The client was very happy with their new installation and thanked Hayden and the team for brightening their home. 

Does your home need brightening? Get in touch with the friendly team at Solatube Home to discuss daylighting and solar roof ventilation systems.

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