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3 easy steps to customise your Solatube Daylighting System

At Solatube Home, we make selecting the correct tubular daylighting system arrangements for your home as easy as possible.

The simplest way to begin the process is to arrange a no-obligation appointment with one of our certified skylight installation consultants. They will assess your current home lighting and provide expert advice and assistance. If you want to begin the process on your own, just follow these simple steps.
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3 easy steps to customise your Solatube Daylighting System

Solatube Core Daylighting Systems

Select Your Style

Solatube’s Decorative Ceiling Fixtures will enhance the look of any interior with options ranging from practical to elegant or sparkling. It all adds up to maximum output with maximum flexibility - and don’t forget maximum style!

Square JustFrost™

Square JustFrost™


Square OptiView®




Classic Vusion


Step 1: Choose your Daylighting System

There are 3 incredible systems to choose from. Whether you want a system that integrates with a solar-powered nightlight, one with dimming capabilities, or one of Solatube’s standard systems, we have what you need. If you have any questions about the systems just give us a call and we can send one of our Certified Installation Consultants out to help you find the right configuration for your space. You can even get same-day installation!

Solar Powered Daylight Dimmer

Daylight Control System

Solar Powered Nightlight

Solar NightLight System

Core Daylighting System Solatube Homes

Core Daylighting System

Solatube Daylight Control System

Do you want to experience the natural light of a tubular daylighting system, but also want the ability to adjust the brightness?
Our new Daylight Control System can make this happen. This system allows you to adjust the light in your space from brilliantly bright to dark, and everything in between. At the touch of a button the remote-controlled, solar-powered baffle opens and closes controlling the volume of light.

Not sure if you want daylight entering your bedroom or living space all day long?
Not to worry, this convenient daylight control system gives you the option to watch a movie in the dark or take a nap during the daylight with ease.

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The Power of the Sun Controlling the Power of the Sun

  • You’re in complete control over daylight levels thanks to the patented butterfly baffle design
  • One-touch remote control for effortless operation

Our Consultants Are Ready To Help You Find The Perfect Daylighting System.
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We make it as simple as 1,2,3. Introducing an exciting, new and innovative way to introduce natural light into your home.

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Solar NightLight System

Spaces like hallways, foyers, and bathrooms become much easier to navigate at nighttime when there is light to guide you. With Solatube daylighting systems, you get brilliant natural light during the day, while the integrated solar panel charges up a nightlight that gives off a helpful, soft glow at night.

  • Internal nightlight automatically turns on after dark to provide a soft, glowing light for enhanced nighttime visibility
  • Integrated solar panel harnesses the daytime light to power the nightlight at night
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Solatube Core Daylighting Systems

We are committed to delivering maximum natural light with our innovative daylighting systems.

With our advanced technology and innovative designs—from the sunlight-capturing dome to the reflective tube and stylish lighting fixtures—you can be confident you installed a premium quality daylighting system.

  • The sunlight-capturing domes utilise integrated technologies to reject any overpowering midday sun while also maximising the rays of natural light caught from low-angle sunlight.
  • Our tubing is made from the most reflective material in the world, reflecting light down the tube as far as 900cms with no drop-off in light transference or colour rendition.
  • Solatube’s ceiling fixtures deliver beautiful, diffused light into your home whilst remaining stylish.

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Step 2: Choose your Size

A bigger room such as a kitchen or living room deserves an abundant amount of natural light.

Our daylighting experts will recommend our larger daylighting units for these kinds of spaces. A smaller daylighting system will get the job done in compact spaces like wardrobes or bathrooms.

Solatube® 160 DS Skylight

Solatube® 160 DS Skylight
Sunlight Efficiency

14-19 m2 Light Coverage Area

Ideal for daylighting small to medium sized rooms including:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchenettes
  • Pantries
  • Hallways
  • Wardrobes and
  • Laundries

Solatube® 290 DS Skylight

Solatube® 290 DS Skylight
Sunlight Efficiency

23-28 m2 Light Coverage Area

Ideal for daylighting medium to large sized rooms including:

  • Kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • Family rooms
  • Rumpus rooms and
  • Bedrooms

Step 3: Choose your Decorative Fixture

Solatube’s Decorative Ceiling Fixtures will further enhance the beauty of your natural light

Our decorative ceiling fixtures are available in more styles than any other manufacturer. You will be sure to find one that fits beautifully with your home’s decor. The hardest part is choosing just one fixture.

The only part of your Solatube Daylighting System that will be visible inside your space is the stylish diffuser that you choose.


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