How To Take Advantage of Daylight Savings with Skylight Installations

Early October means a big change for many Australians – Daylight Savings Time! So, if you’re in Sydney, we hope you’ve turned all your clocks forward by now. But that shouldn’t be the only change you make each year.

Did you know that with skylights Sydney residents can see a huge change in how they get the most out of their days AND their dollars? We’ll share a few tips to clarify how DST and skylights can relate to each other and how they can benefit your home.

The Value of Skylights

Adding a skylight can increase the amount of natural light entering a building. This means you’re less reliant on artificial light sources, which in turn means lower utility costs.

Solatube’s innovative tubular designs mean you can now channel light into rooms where a skylight wasn’t a feasible solution before. This makes new skylights a valuable investment in almost any home and it’s where Solatube is a market leader.

Skylights and DST

As the hours of daylight are longer, wouldn’t it make sense to utilise this light to your advantage?

Solatube’s Patented Raybender® 3000 Technology allows the dome atop your roof to collect even the lowest angle sunlight. And the Spectralight® Infinity™ tube made from the world's most reflective material delivers the daylight right into your chosen space through a stylish decorative fixture.

Once you have your skylight in place and you can make the most of it during daylight savings time, you’ll be astounded at the results. It starts with what it can do for your utility bill and for many households, the savings quickly make up for the affordable Sydney skylight prices.

Thanks to quality Solatube skylights—and having them in the right place, which Solatube Home’s experts can advise you on—you’ll get the maximum amount of light inside your home during daylight hours. Because the summer months provide us with light for more hours of the day, you now have more opportunities to make light work for you, instead of you needing to switch on an artificial light source.

From doing homework to enjoying your hobby in the garage or making dinner in the kitchen, it can all take place in clear daylight delivered through brilliant skylight technology. Without a skylight, you may feel rooms are too dark for these activities later in the day. But skylights bring enough light flooding in, so you’ll have that ‘daylight-feeling’ for much longer.

The benefits of getting into this routine thanks to having skylights are numerous:

  • During daylight savings, more hours of daylight mean more hours of light inside your home
  • Lower power costs for households
  • Enjoying the healthy benefits that come using daylight rather than artificial light
  • Using less power means you’re lowering your carbon footprint

Daylight Benefiting You at Night

You can take this process one step further by opting for add-ons like Nightlight Technology. Solatube’s skylights can be fitted with solar panels so they can absorb the sun’s power during the day and turn it into a power source for lights at night.

Since you’re using fewer lights during the DST season, this is more than enough to light up your spaces at night, meaning you’re using even less power! Once again, your budget and the environment benefit.

Make the Change

Don’t have a skylight yet? Or perhaps you want an upgrade to a modern one? That’s what the Solatube Home team is here for, and we can take less than two hours to get one in place in your home.

We can quote for free online or talk to one of our experts at (02) 9725 5433 if you want advice.

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