How Tubular Skylights Reduce Solar Heat Gain

Humans are attracted to the light from the sun. We also need proper doses of natural sunlight to function properly. For dark rooms in your home, a skylight is a perfect way to allow natural light into your interior.

But some homeowners may be reluctant to choose skylight installation because they believe it will increase the temperature in their home. However, the latest technology for tubular daylight devices from Solatube drastically reduces solar heat gain.

In this article, you’ll find valuable information about the technologies used in Solatube’s tubular skylight products to reduce solar heat gain. Read on to find out more.


What is Solar Heat Gain?

During the year, especially in warm summer months, solar energy that is allowed to enter a building unchecked can lead to a rise in the thermal load which can require an increase in air conditioning usage and/or the addition of supplemental equipment to manage the added heat. This is solar heat gain.

Step1 - Choose Your Daylighting System

Solar Heat Gain and The Difference Solatube Skylights Make

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which measures how well a product blocks heat from the sun, is one of Solatube’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for our daylighting products, so we have developed innovative technologies to meet this KPI – Spectralight Infinity Tubing!

Our patented Spectralight Infinity Tubing in combination with other advanced daylighting technology creates the ideal balance between visible transmission and solar heat gain to deliver pure, bright daylight without the added solar energy that can cause heat build-up and force air conditioning systems to work harder.


How Does It Work?

Solatube International’s Spectralight Infinity Tubing transmits the visible spectrum of light (400 to 760 nanometers) but provides significant blockage of Infrared (IR) wavelengths greater than 900 nm, which is the main culprit in solar heat gain. As a result, the SHGC of Solatube products is greatly reduced which, in turn, reduces the air conditioning load requirement for the space being lit by daylight.

In short, these technologies allow Solatube Daylighting Systems to provide the highest light output performance with minimal thermal impact!


A Closer Look At Our INFRAREDuction Technology

INFRAREDuction technology allows 99.97% of the visual light to reflect down the tube but the infrared rays are absorbed before they can transfer into your interior.

Furthermore, INFRAREDuction uses a patented process that extracts infrared wavelengths from 950 to 2500nm on the first light bounce before they can be transferred through the tube. This disperses the heat above the ceiling insulation layer before it enters the building.

The process drastically reduces solar heat gain and loads on HVAC systems to maintain comfortable temperatures inside. As a result, you can save on utility costs!

Technology Demonstrations

Solatube has physical displays of this technology in our Sydney showroom. This effect can also be easily demonstrated by pointing a spot thermometer on any brighten-up system that is already installed in your home.

Take a look at our example below! The tube on left has Solatube INFRAREDuction, and on the right is a standard competitor tube. Above both tubes are 100W bathroom heat globes – Solatube filters out 20C° degrees.

Old Skylight Designs vs New and Improved Tubular Skylights

However, modern skylights from Solatube safeguard your home from the damaging effects of UV rays. This means you can enjoy the benefits of natural light entering the home without the negative elements older skylight designs still allowed.


Final Thoughts

Solatube Daylighting Systems use multiple technologies to minimise heat gain and loss. INFRAREDuction technology is simply one of the components used. Ask us how else a tubular skylight can benefit you!

Tubular skylights from Solatube are the coolest tubes this summer. Get yours by contacting our team on 02 9725 5433 or request a quick quote on the skylight you want for your home. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have on our Solatube Daylighting Systems.

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How Tubular Skylights Reduce Solar Heat Gain

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