The Importance of Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light provides numerous health benefits including reduced stress, boosted immune system support and improved mental well being. Keeping these benefits in mind is important when you are looking for a new home. You won’t want to be in the dark about the number of important elements that come with having natural light in your home.

The rising price of energy bills and increasing value of property are both long and short term things to be considered when purchasing a home. But with all the positives that come from natural light, it is a mystery why more people don’t prioritise it when house hunting. Let’s discuss further why natural light is an essential element to a healthy home.



People are constantly searching for ways to cut energy costs on pesky electricity bills that skyrocket frighteningly in price each month. Any solution that cuts cost is a good one, particularly if it comes free from the sun. Utilising natural light in the home can be a simple solution to reduce a high electricity bill. Allowing sunlight to brighten your home will help you save hard-earned money and will significantly increase the mood of occupants in your home. The addition of warm sunlight is a must for those living in a colder climate. It can be pricey to heat your home throughout the cold Australian months, but natural light can help to supplement those cold winter day expenses.


Free Light - Importance of Natural Light in Your Home

Free Light? Alright!

Regardless of location, all of the windows on your home will let sunlight in during the day. Using this light to your advantage could be the solution to putting hundreds of dollars back into your savings. If you don’t light your home until after the sun sets, you will significantly save on your electric bill and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Australians living in the warmer states where the sun is always shining have a natural advantage. In these areas, you will be able to leave your lights switched off until well after dinner on most nights. Heating obviously won’t be necessary, so instead try using window shades or awnings to keep the heat out.

Just think about the long term benefits - by leaving your lights off for as long as you can and using natural light to your advantage, you can save a substantial amount of energy and money.


You Can’t Beat Free Heat

For those living in Australia’s cooler regions, having lots of windows can help to reduce heating bills during winter. By allowing the natural sun rays to heat your home throughout the day you will be lowering the use of the thermostat, therefore saving extra money. Some windows are available with solar heat gain, which will let a majority of daily heat to enter through the windows of your home.

Increase Property Value_Importance of Natural Light in Your Home


Increase Property Value

Having lots of natural light is a quick and easy way to increase your property value. When buyers come through your home, they’ll be especially impressed with how great the daylight makes the home look during different hours of the day. This can boost the likelihood of your home selling quicker. Imagine you’re looking for homes on the market - a brilliantly bright home will certainly catch your eye before a dim one.


Solutions to Increase Natural Light

Try these simple and cost-efficient ways to add natural light to your home:

  • Open up your blinds and curtains
  • Add windows that will catch direct sunlight
  • Adding a skylight can also improve natural light in your home and boost property value.



Skylights can be a useful addition to your home for a number of reasons. They are often added to dimly lit parts of your home such as bedrooms, hallways, and the attic. Picking the right skylight for your home can be challenging. The skylights in today’s market are made from materials that have varying capabilities. The type of light, shape, and heat reduction level are all options available when selecting your skylight. The most common types of skylight available are glass and acrylic, but there are also other makes available on the market. It is entirely up to you to decide which style will best suit your home and needs.

If you’re looking for something stylish, look no further than roof windows. They are flatter than other installations and are available with a number of modern accessories, such as solar blinds and built-in rain sensors.

At Solatube Home, we also offer tubular daylighting systems. This innovative daylighting technology delivers exceptional transfer of natural light, with minimum heat gain due to INFRAREDuction technology. This option is perfect for warm climates, where it reduces use of energy on cooling systems.

The options are endless. Further choices include fixed and operable skylights, flashings, indoor lighting fixtures and accessories - pushing your skylight vision even further. The colour of your skylight is one of the final factors to consider before skylight installation. The three colour options available with most companies are the following:

Tubular Daylighting Systems

Like most elements of your home, a skylight won’t last forever, though they can be easily replaced when damage occurs. A skylight repair or replacement may be required when damage such as leaks, cracks and fog-build up occur. Most can be replaced almost immediately regardless of size or shape.

Taking advantage of the natural light entering your home and maximising its use is important for your future. Not only for the health benefits it provides but also for the value that it will add your property. Contact the daylighting and ventilation experts at Solatube Home. Call us today on (02) 9725 5433 to discuss the benefits of adding natural light or a solar roof ventilation system to your home.

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The Importance of Natural Light in Your Home

February 26, 2020

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