March 2, 2021
Case Study: Installation of Solar Star Ventilation Systems & Two 290DS Skylights Sydney

Our new client Chris, a resident from Saint Ives in Sydney, gave the friendly team at Solatube Home a call to discuss adding ventilation and natural daylight to his home. The call was answered by our Sales Team Leader, Sandy. Sandy took Chris through some options over the phone and booked him an in-home consultation […]

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January 22, 2021
Case Study: Dark Kitchen Requiring a Skylight Installation in Sydney

Our client called our friendly customer service team enquiring about skylight installation in Sydney for their kitchen which - although beautifully designed - was shrouded in darkness due to a lack of access to natural light. We quickly organised a time for an in-home consultation with one of Solatube Home’s Certified Installation Consultants. Our customer […]

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November 24, 2020
How To Keep Your Home Free From Mould

Summer is on its way and with it brings hot, wet and humid conditions which are the perfect breeding grounds for mould in Australian homes. With that in mind, there’s no better time to make sure you have the best solution to combat mould and fungus forming in your home’s interior this summer.  Small patches […]

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